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Blue crab209Blue crabcrab at the beach180ManhQuancrab at the beachHermit crab in the shell24gelsominaHermit crab in the shell^ Cutting Edge Café, Chesapeake, Virginia4300zx^ Cutting Edge Café, Chesapeake, VirginiaHermit crab35sentientHermit crabCrab on sandy beach from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle9996auricle99Crab on sandy beach from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99^ Crab Cup Appetizers15300zx^ Crab Cup Appetizers^ Dungeness Crab Salad ~ John A Trax Jr24300zx^ Dungeness Crab Salad ~ John A Trax Jr^ Crab Cakes35300zx^ Crab Cakes^ Crab salad puff pastry appetizers15300zx^ Crab salad puff pastry appetizerssebastian288michy2706sebastian^ Appetizer with crab meat ~ Michael Pohuski24300zx^ Appetizer with crab meat ~ Michael PohuskiOtter with Dinner300PoophOtter with DinnerHermit crab20patijewlHermit crabVampire Crab @ dailymail.co.uk..35715ajan3Vampire Crab @ dailymail.co.uk..Crab 4300KaraMelekCrab 4#Crabby Fellow12Kaboomer#Crabby FellowCoconut Crabs-largest land arthropods (dog for scale)99janellecarterCoconut Crabs-largest land arthropods (dog for scale)Yellow rock crab60leoleobobeoYellow rock crabGalapagos Islands Crab70etrnlfunGalapagos Islands CrabChristmas Island-red crab12ardenaChristmas Island-red crabOops15patijewlOopsCrab6UncleEdwardCrabTeddy bear crab99janellecarterTeddy bear crab