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Here's a large farm with many cows and buildings....54FreddijHere's a large farm with many cows and buildings....Grazing Cattle152timjeGrazing CattleKoei300JodelKoeiCows54Vivien2012CowsCountry life88alseaCountry lifeChasing the Lamb~ SandyRusinko99BronwynChasing the Lamb~ SandyRusinkoCow 1 - 16 x 16195geribringmanCow 1 - 16 x 16Baobabs117VIXENBaobabs^ The Horse Farm ~ Maureen Newman35300zx^ The Horse Farm ~ Maureen NewmanPuppies~ WalterOtto80BronwynPuppies~ WalterOttocows63Ramblingalcowsgot milk35maria33got milkEnglish cottage100scameron262English cottageSpring plowing90alseaSpring plowingSwiss Meadow96dlanodSwiss MeadowCow In Foggy Pasture40melyrhCow In Foggy PastureJerseys553arthyannieJerseysMet zn allen48Peternel9Met zn allenno milk today...7211topsyno milk today...The Bridge~ JosephHolodook99BronwynThe Bridge~ JosephHolodookBoerderij met koeien54Peternel9Boerderij met koeien^ The Blacksmith ~ Maureen Newman35300zx^ The Blacksmith ~ Maureen NewmanRural Life~99BronwynRural Life~Farm Life ~ RayCresswell 1600x1142 dsktpnxus99BronwynFarm Life ~ RayCresswell 1600x1142 dsktpnxus