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Lampasas County by Aaron Lucas90westtexasgalLampasas County by Aaron LucasBring in the herd80QuiltieJBring in the herdMove Along II~90BronwynMove Along II~Hungry calfs35LetiBravoHungry calfskrávy a děti20hlinikkrávy a dětiMelide to Arzua 2153AmyJoyMelide to Arzua 2Airing Quilts~99BronwynAiring Quilts~DSCN1089192Titi4457DSCN1089Just Married~ Sloane99BronwynJust Married~ Sloane^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Helping Grandma in the Garden42300zx^ Sharon Ascherl ~ Helping Grandma in the GardenMcGavin's Farm~99BronwynMcGavin's Farm~Daddy's Little Helper~96BronwynDaddy's Little Helper~Short Cut~ Sloane88BronwynShort Cut~ SloaneGot Milk by John Sloane90715ajan3Got Milk by John SloaneThe Road Ahead by John Sloane90715ajan3The Road Ahead by John SloaneTea at the Farm~99BronwynTea at the Farm~scotland_-_highland_cows_vv17_largest300tinkerpjscotland_-_highland_cows_vv17_largestJersey cows35goosealleygalJersey cowsLate for the Bus...80715ajan3Late for the Bus...Two fore two aft28cropartTwo fore two aftJersey cows54goosealleygalJersey cowsEnglish Spring by Kevin Walsh99715ajan3English Spring by Kevin WalshGather Round by John Sloane99715ajan3Gather Round by John SloaneThe Farmer's Wife~99BronwynThe Farmer's Wife~