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Christmas Day - Bev Doolittle252TLLawrenceChristmas Day - Bev DoolittleSliding Stop150LyleKSliding StopGood Morning90RedDirtinMySoulGood MorningCowboy fixing fence108GodsGirl7Cowboy fixing fenceCowboy leading horse through lake112GodsGirl7Cowboy leading horse through lakeCowboy roping cattle108GodsGirl7Cowboy roping cattleCowboy putting on rain gear108GodsGirl7Cowboy putting on rain gearCowboys, two on the rang110GodsGirl7Cowboys, two on the rangCowboy, bronc riding108GodsGirl7Cowboy, bronc ridingCowboy with horses on prairie108GodsGirl7Cowboy with horses on prairieCowboy sitting on his steed108GodsGirl7Cowboy sitting on his steedCowboy with dog under tree110GodsGirl7Cowboy with dog under treeCowboy herding cows108GodsGirl7Cowboy herding cowsCowboy herding cattle108GodsGirl7Cowboy herding cattleCowboy on palomino 2108GodsGirl7Cowboy on palomino 2Cowboy and horses in water108GodsGirl7Cowboy and horses in waterCowboy and herd of horses110GodsGirl7Cowboy and herd of horsesCowboy and grey horse108GodsGirl7Cowboy and grey horseCowboy and fall leaves110GodsGirl7Cowboy and fall leavesCowboy and bay roan108GodsGirl7Cowboy and bay roanTime out for lunch35mysteryfanTime out for lunchCOwboys and cattle108GodsGirl7COwboys and cattleCowboy96Jessie89CowboyHereford Cows209wildheartHereford Cows