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ACDC Highway to Hell49dankenstyneACDC Highway to HellGov't Mule Déjà Voodoo Album Cover36dankenstyneGov't Mule Déjà Voodoo Album CoverGalactic The Other Side of Midnight30dankenstyneGalactic The Other Side of MidnightFoghat, Last Train Home Album Cover42dankenstyneFoghat, Last Train Home Album CoverThe Doors Full Circle42dankenstyneThe Doors Full CircleCypress Hill Stoned Raiders25dankenstyneCypress Hill Stoned RaidersCreedence Clearwater Revival42dankenstyneCreedence Clearwater RevivalCream Disraeli Gears42dankenstyneCream Disraeli GearsBone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War Album Cover36dankenstyneBone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War Album CoverBeastie boys the mix up42dankenstyneBeastie boys the mix upFall Color in the  Danube-Ipoly National Park in Hungary70swreaderFall Color in the Danube-Ipoly National Park in HungaryTBBT-meets-The-Beatles-the-big-bang-theory-28702370-1012-789180TBBT-meets-The-Beatles-the-big-bang-theory-28702370-1012-789Summer Forever Billy Currington49Angelmomme71Summer Forever Billy CurringtonABBA album48bigABBAfanABBA albumOrzel-na-tle-bajkowego-krajobrazu208edhmOrzel-na-tle-bajkowego-krajobrazuFragile210edhmFragileOsibisa Roger Dean200Fiddler2Osibisa Roger Dean#Soft Pashminas80Kaboomer#Soft PashminasVogue Cover ca. 1930s300destinylostVogue Cover ca. 1930sFall Foliage in New Brunswick, Mass.35swreaderFall Foliage in New Brunswick, Mass.Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Splash Screen136thx01138Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate Splash ScreenMarilyn Monroe Photoplay Cover300destinylostMarilyn Monroe Photoplay CoverUnnatural Creatures48ChristineDaaeUnnatural CreaturesFlinch-cover-Shaun Tan88robrFlinch-cover-Shaun Tan