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Travel - Lunch Table at the Beach150prettyswellTravel - Lunch Table at the BeachOwl wine wayne anderson48puzzleninjaOwl wine wayne andersonDisney couple 1289Disney couple 1Vintage Love by William Rose...48715ajan3Vintage Love by William Rose...Just one More by John Sloane...99715ajan3Just one More by John Sloane...Haddon Sundblom - After the Game120prettyswellHaddon Sundblom - After the GameHaddon Sundblom - 7Up Ad120prettyswellHaddon Sundblom - 7Up AdPeaceful Hours in the Garden~ Susan Rios99BronwynPeaceful Hours in the Garden~ Susan RiosParis, couple60catlocParis, couplePaula Vaughn,  Always and forever99715ajan3Paula Vaughn, Always and foreverMagnolia Morning by Mort Kunstler...120715ajan3Magnolia Morning by Mort Kunstler...Ballroom dance cha cha48sandrac103Ballroom dance cha chaTom Lovell, a rainy day...72715ajan3Tom Lovell, a rainy day...Vintage Love by Tom Lovell, so pretty...54715ajan3Vintage Love by Tom Lovell, so pretty...beautiful couple4qwertzbeautiful couplelove6qwertzloveBeautiful Vintage Art by John Sloane...99715ajan3Beautiful Vintage Art by John Sloane...pairing12qwertzpairingPuppy (2)28ladiesrainniPuppy (2)Georgi Edwin, vintage love...35715ajan3Georgi Edwin, vintage love...The Amish Sunday Evening by Bill Coleman60715ajan3The Amish Sunday Evening by Bill ColemanBIG LOVE, AND BY THAT I MEAN GIGANTIC LOVE18zipnonBIG LOVE, AND BY THAT I MEAN GIGANTIC LOVE1090845diana7777410908Date to skate by John Sloane80715ajan3Date to skate by John Sloane