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The British Parliament and Big Ben96mamileThe British Parliament and Big BenHouses of Parliament UK99mamileHouses of Parliament UKPraga70gelsominaPragaPiazza San Giacomo, Udine99EcclesiastesPiazza San Giacomo, UdineClock-technique96tvb70Clock-techniquemidnight autumn leaves clock4qwertzmidnight autumn leaves clockPiazza Libertà, Udine99EcclesiastesPiazza Libertà, Udineclock300proffclockAstronomical clock24ardenaAstronomical clockIllusion of a reality by Ionut Caras110mamileIllusion of a reality by Ionut CarasAstronomical clock63leoleobobeoAstronomical clockSwitzerland - Chur - St Martins Church Clock Tower300BigDMNSwitzerland - Chur - St Martins Church Clock TowerEngland - London - Big Ben - Sidewalk View300BigDMNEngland - London - Big Ben - Sidewalk Viewzodiac signs12ardenazodiac signsAstrological clock15ardenaAstrological clockzodiac signs15ardenazodiac signsClock 2136SnoopDawggClock 2Clocks140SnoopDawggClocksZodiac clock in Prague70leoleobobeoZodiac clock in PragueAlsace, Horloge astronomique, 1484, France35catlocAlsace, Horloge astronomique, 1484, FranceChartres, horloge, France35catlocChartres, horloge, FranceHeilbronn, Horloge astronomique, 1580, Allemagne36catlocHeilbronn, Horloge astronomique, 1580, AllemagneStrasbourg,  Horloge Astronomique de la Cathédrale35catlocStrasbourg, Horloge Astronomique de la CathédraleZodiac clock Prag63PixiZodiac clock Prag