94 puzzles tagged clay
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Lemons in a Bowl20PortalinLemons in a Bowl#Clean Play Doh!10Kaboomer#Clean Play Doh!Mosaic273beddieMosaicKathleen Dustin World Traveller Series210beddieKathleen Dustin World Traveller Seriespolymer Swivels300beddiepolymer SwivelsProvidence Canyon Georgia 0170WillieBProvidence Canyon Georgia 01Hiding place spiny haired rabbit (see head and ears)6llgreggHiding place spiny haired rabbit (see head and ears)Old clay and log hut in the woods35llgreggOld clay and log hut in the woodsClay pot cooking35SherylSherylClay pot cooking#Multi Color Clay Beads240Kaboomer#Multi Color Clay Beads#Clay Beads221Kaboomer#Clay BeadsSouthwest Jewelry Clay Beads80TerriCSouthwest Jewelry Clay BeadsEliseWintersPolyclayJewelry240CarmenDEliseWintersPolyclayJewelryProto-cuneiform ancient origins.Net150Proto-cuneiform ancient origins.Net12Sautoir EliseWinters240CarmenD12Sautoir EliseWinters^ Polymer clay Twinkies and Cupcakes48300zx^ Polymer clay Twinkies and CupcakesPretty Pots 01210AmyJoyPretty Pots 01Moki (Hopi) potter at work70swreaderMoki (Hopi) potter at workSOA Clay Morrow130SFDanSOA Clay MorrowBusy Hands Throwing Clay180AmyJoyBusy Hands Throwing Clay^ Clay Earth Toned Tree35300zx^ Clay Earth Toned Tree107 - The Dream Machine160ForceCommander107 - The Dream Machine^ Polymer clay that’s been tinted with alcohol ink48300zx^ Polymer clay that’s been tinted with alcohol ink^ Polymer clay pumpkin42300zx^ Polymer clay pumpkin