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Parrots-Tambopata National Reserve, Peru12ardenaParrots-Tambopata National Reserve, PeruMushrooms108diana473MushroomsColorful modelling clay48KatinkaGardenerColorful modelling clayRooster whistles56KatinkaGardenerRooster whistlesSculpted Rainbow Egg90EchoMidnightSculpted Rainbow Eggcolorful pottery12ardenacolorful potteryColorful jars - Morocco60leoleobobeoColorful jars - MoroccoClay plates300potokitaClay platesPolymer clay santa35QueenMapelaPolymer clay santa"Shadow"150LyleK"Shadow"Throwing miniature pots12patijewlThrowing miniature potsClay Dishes15bodhi4meClay Dishes"Singlefoot"150LyleK"Singlefoot""High On A Ledge"150LyleK"High On A Ledge"Proud Buck150LyleKProud BuckCute Polymer Clay Turkey63GoldGalCute Polymer Clay TurkeyImage Detail for - Guacamayos in Manu Nat. Park, Peru63swreaderImage Detail for - Guacamayos in Manu Nat. Park, Peru^ Clay tile with yellow cottage36300zx^ Clay tile with yellow cottageRed geraniums in blue pots60leoleobobeoRed geraniums in blue potsClay-coffin-lid - Ancient Egypt35puzzlesr4funClay-coffin-lid - Ancient Egypt^ Clay pot snowmen32300zx^ Clay pot snowmenJack-o'-lantern photo by Benjamin Balázs CCO6FadeJack-o'-lantern photo by Benjamin Balázs CCOFimo Beads300OceannaFimo Beads^ Flower Pot Man20300zx^ Flower Pot Man