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Clay plates300potokitaClay platesPolymer clay santa35QueenMapelaPolymer clay santa"Shadow"150LyleK"Shadow"Throwing miniature pots12patijewlThrowing miniature potsClay Dishes15bodhi4meClay Dishes"Singlefoot"150LyleK"Singlefoot""High On A Ledge"150LyleK"High On A Ledge"Proud Buck150LyleKProud BuckCute Polymer Clay Turkey63GoldGalCute Polymer Clay TurkeyImage Detail for - Guacamayos in Manu Nat. Park, Peru63swreaderImage Detail for - Guacamayos in Manu Nat. Park, Peru^ Clay tile with yellow cottage36300zx^ Clay tile with yellow cottageRed geraniums in blue pots60leoleobobeoRed geraniums in blue potsClay-coffin-lid - Ancient Egypt35puzzlesr4funClay-coffin-lid - Ancient Egypt^ Clay pot snowmen32300zx^ Clay pot snowmenJack-o'-lantern photo by Benjamin Balázs CCO6FadeJack-o'-lantern photo by Benjamin Balázs CCOFimo Beads300OceannaFimo Beads^ Flower Pot Man20300zx^ Flower Pot ManClay Canes300OceannaClay CanesPolymer Clay Charms299OceannaPolymer Clay CharmsCharms of Polymer Clay300OceannaCharms of Polymer ClayInscribed Yixing teapot20FadeInscribed Yixing teapotRomanian traditional ceramics60leoleobobeoRomanian traditional ceramicsKim Burke, miniature gastronomy35heringKim Burke, miniature gastronomyCane Slices300OceannaCane Slices