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Berger Chevrolet299WatervillefirefighterBerger ChevroletRace Around the Lake-Aston Martin~ II99BronwynRace Around the Lake-Aston Martin~ IICornell35roberta1CornellAt the Drive In~99BronwynAt the Drive In~Roadster150EmbeeRoadsterStreets of Melbourne~ KWalsh99BronwynStreets of Melbourne~ KWalshA Labour of Love~99BronwynA Labour of Love~Hope You Like Vette's299WatervillefirefighterHope You Like Vette'sCitroen and Sunbeam~99BronwynCitroen and Sunbeam~lovely house6caprariucarmenlovely houseDoes He See Us !300WatervillefirefighterDoes He See Us !Just Married~ II100BronwynJust Married~ IISitting On Top Of The World300WatervillefirefighterSitting On Top Of The World1953 Nash Rambler300amonan1953 Nash RamblerVintage Car300amonanVintage CarStudebaker Champion300amonanStudebaker ChampionCountry Village300amonanCountry VillageColton and Travis Country Store300amonanColton and Travis Country StoreA Whole Lot Of Motion Going On !299WatervillefirefighterA Whole Lot Of Motion Going On !CLASSIC CADILLAC24zipnonCLASSIC CADILLACOnward Store Gas Station, Ken Zylla...80715ajan3Onward Store Gas Station, Ken Zylla...Race to the Finish~99BronwynRace to the Finish~Mickey-Mouse-Club35sandrac103Mickey-Mouse-ClubMarendaz Special 13/7035WhitebeardMarendaz Special 13/70