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call it what you will252barduncall it what you willCircles of Black, Circles of White (detail 4) by Nancy Smeltzer168AnnikeCircles of Black, Circles of White (detail 4) by Nancy SmeltzerCircles of Black, Circles of White 3 (detail 2) (Nancy Smeltzer)182AnnikeCircles of Black, Circles of White 3 (detail 2) (Nancy Smeltzer)Cercles35dhcpCerclesBois35dhcpBoisBois35dhcpBoisMy doodles 3180rosepink1984My doodles 3sun loves moon108bardunsun loves moonfabric design252bardunfabric designGraphic21150AtoZGraphic21Spiral-circle-stones35puzzlesr4funSpiral-circle-stonescirkels198martinemassijcirkelstoothpicks110barduntoothpicks^ Colorful circles and triangles35300zx^ Colorful circles and trianglesBrewed in Percolator252bardunBrewed in Percolatorspirit180zitherspiritPercolator cat110bardunPercolator catit's for me!-chocolate cake12ardenait's for me!-chocolate cakeUnknown quilt, unknown quilter56WettUnknown quilt, unknown quilterA connie bloom art quilt72WettA connie bloom art quiltLarger - 65117rozfromozLarger - 65#Microscopic Image of Alcoholic Drink156Kaboomer#Microscopic Image of Alcoholic Drink#Microscopic Image of Dinosaur Bone70Kaboomer#Microscopic Image of Dinosaur Bone#'Little Dreams' by aoao2 on DeviantArt6Kaboomer#'Little Dreams' by aoao2 on DeviantArt