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FAMILY TRADITION77TrishaLeeFAMILY TRADITIONComing Home77TrishaLeeComing HomeTerry-Redlin-trimming hte tree77TrishaLeeTerry-Redlin-trimming hte treeA BOUNTIFUL AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS99TrishaLeeA BOUNTIFUL AND BLESSED CHRISTMASBy-sam-timm (1)99TrishaLeeBy-sam-timm (1)Holiday-rest96TrishaLeeHoliday-restSam-timm96TrishaLeeSam-timmChristmas72TrishaLeeChristmasTumblr loxx9pFlXp1qkyo8uo1 128080TrishaLeeTumblr loxx9pFlXp1qkyo8uo1 1280LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT TREE...80TrishaLeeLOOKING FOR THE PERFECT TREE...ChristmasBlessings Robert Finale,art,paintings,120TrishaLeeChristmasBlessings Robert Finale,art,paintings,Kevin Walsh, a vintage Christmas...99715ajan3Kevin Walsh, a vintage Christmas...Christmas Eve Fly By150rwmainChristmas Eve Fly ByIrina lombardo35mariangelsIrina lombardoBob Pettes 'The Christmas Tree Lot'150rwmainBob Pettes 'The Christmas Tree Lot'^ Edwin L. Green ~ The Quarter - Winter48300zx^ Edwin L. Green ~ The Quarter - Winter^ Snowman lit up20300zx^ Snowman lit upHomemade Glittering Torrone Candy108frostbitealleyHomemade Glittering Torrone CandyBubbly Champagne Cupcake112frostbitealleyBubbly Champagne CupcakeBubbly Champagne Cupcakes Tray104frostbitealleyBubbly Champagne Cupcakes TraySweets 26140frostbitealleySweets 26The Bears Den150muskokamammaThe Bears DenChristmas cookies by Polina Laskova300Christmas cookies by Polina Laskova^ Thomas Kincade ~ St. Nicholas Circle50300zx^ Thomas Kincade ~ St. Nicholas Circle