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^ Quapaw Quarter home known as Empress of Little Rock, Arkansas35300zx^ Quapaw Quarter home known as Empress of Little Rock, Arkansas^ Christmas M & M cupcakes12300zx^ Christmas M & M cupcakes^ Homemade Christmas gifts in basket24300zx^ Homemade Christmas gifts in basket^ Christmas at the Hall30300zx^ Christmas at the Hall^ Wrapped for the gentleman35300zx^ Wrapped for the gentleman^ Sarah Hudock ~ Christmas caroling35300zx^ Sarah Hudock ~ Christmas caroling^ Griswold Inn35300zx^ Griswold Inn^ Terry Redlin ~ Christmas35300zx^ Terry Redlin ~ Christmas^ Sam Timm ~ Moonlight Greeting24300zx^ Sam Timm ~ Moonlight Greeting^ Red Velvet Cake and Truffles36300zx^ Red Velvet Cake and Truffles^ Jack Allen ~ The Hockey Game35300zx^ Jack Allen ~ The Hockey Game^ Will Bullas ~ Cool Yule35300zx^ Will Bullas ~ Cool Yule^ Snowman35300zx^ Snowman^ Thomas Kincade ~ Christmas Cottage35300zx^ Thomas Kincade ~ Christmas Cottage^ Amy Mosher ~ Hill Top Farm35300zx^ Amy Mosher ~ Hill Top Farm^ Marty Bell ~ Bell Cottage Christmas35300zx^ Marty Bell ~ Bell Cottage Christmas^ Will Bullas ~ Northern Lights36300zx^ Will Bullas ~ Northern Lights^ Winter in Stowe, Vermont35300zx^ Winter in Stowe, Vermont^ Happy New Year32300zx^ Happy New Year^ Nita Leger Casey ~ New England Gazebo25300zx^ Nita Leger Casey ~ New England Gazebo^ Red cardinal on a holly branch35300zx^ Red cardinal on a holly branch^ Christmas on a stick28300zx^ Christmas on a stick^ Vietnam Memorial ~ Angela Pan15300zx^ Vietnam Memorial ~ Angela Pan^ Italian Christmas Salad28300zx^ Italian Christmas Salad