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^ Footbridge in the snow35300zx^ Footbridge in the snow^ Ilona Fekete art35300zx^ Ilona Fekete art^ Winter cottage35300zx^ Winter cottage^ Hot chocolate and cookies in the snow35300zx^ Hot chocolate and cookies in the snow^ Christmas hot chocolate, cookies in the winter35300zx^ Christmas hot chocolate, cookies in the winter^ Cottage32300zx^ Cottage^ Christmas decorated shed35300zx^ Christmas decorated shed^ Special Delivery35300zx^ Special Delivery^ Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont35300zx^ Christmas in Woodstock, Vermont^ Christmas tree miniature snowing28300zx^ Christmas tree miniature snowing^ The Perfect Tree35300zx^ The Perfect Tree^ Christmas Eve35300zx^ Christmas Eve^ Dashing through the snow35300zx^ Dashing through the snow^ Christmas Village35300zx^ Christmas Village^ Christmas Tree in the Snow24300zx^ Christmas Tree in the Snow^ Christmas Caroling35300zx^ Christmas Caroling^ Christmas door6300zx^ Christmas door^ Outdoor Christmas Tree28300zx^ Outdoor Christmas Tree^ Christmas birdhouse30300zx^ Christmas birdhouse^ Looks Like Christmas35300zx^ Looks Like Christmas^ Christmas cottage35300zx^ Christmas cottage^ Christmas cabin30300zx^ Christmas cabin^ Christmas Cabin in the Snow24300zx^ Christmas Cabin in the Snow^ Christmas truck9300zx^ Christmas truck