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Mercado Municipal, Mindelo99EcclesiastesMercado Municipal, Mindelo#Red Hot Chili Peppers35Kaboomer#Red Hot Chili PeppersChili35ManhQuanChiliOrnamental Peppers15bodhi4meOrnamental PeppersFood 762150PixiFood 762Volcan Paniri Chili130clara28Volcan Paniri Chili^ Chicken Chili35300zx^ Chicken ChiliAndes chiliennes30alvecAndes chiliennesChili Jam300YiaYiaChili Jam1A15A1D2-2C57-4ABD-9B93-E412EEF6763299ami13051A15A1D2-2C57-4ABD-9B93-E412EEF67632National Park Chili80shaperNational Park Chili^ Chili dog20300zx^ Chili dog^ Chili con carne hot dogs with fried pickles 'n' ranch dippin'36300zx^ Chili con carne hot dogs with fried pickles 'n' ranch dippin'Ornamental chili15ardenaOrnamental chili^ Chili dog condiments35300zx^ Chili dog condimentsChili-peppers12ardenaChili-peppers^ Chicken & Chile Enchiladas35300zx^ Chicken & Chile Enchiladas^ Three Bean Turkey Chili16300zx^ Three Bean Turkey Chili^ Chili-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash20300zx^ Chili-Stuffed Spaghetti SquashChili Looks Good Tonight!56frostbitealleyChili Looks Good Tonight!SWEET & HOT PEPPERS108susanjoy88SWEET & HOT PEPPERS^ Deep dish chili pie12300zx^ Deep dish chili pieSink full of Chili112TigerjagSink full of ChiliChili flowerpot63PixiChili flowerpot