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^ Baking Day ~ Val Goldfinch15300zx^ Baking Day ~ Val Goldfinchhalloween village70TrishaLeehalloween villageDancing in the Moonlight~ Bonnie White96BronwynDancing in the Moonlight~ Bonnie WhiteThe 3 Witches of Moskva 348calibanxiThe 3 Witches of Moskva 3Life is good6bodhi4meLife is goodApple Bobbing24marymeowApple Bobbing14449753_1279751352035219_6893660496017872541_n81Ciupercuta14449753_1279751352035219_6893660496017872541_nChildren walking in the woods in autumn35gelsominaChildren walking in the woods in autumn10th of 10  Spook city704378254_o70TrishaLee10th of 10 Spook city704378254_ochild35tiffi274child^ Country Friends ~ Sharon Mark35300zx^ Country Friends ~ Sharon Markhealthy food-taste of autumn12ardenahealthy food-taste of autumn^ Traditional farming35300zx^ Traditional farmingEarth35BillyKatEarthPuffin Rock Family24BillyKatPuffin Rock FamilyPuffin Rock32BillyKatPuffin RockOut for Treats~ Lizzy Rainy99BronwynOut for Treats~ Lizzy RainyChildren Bringing in Harvest70BronwynChildren Bringing in HarvestTHE MAILBOX~ Richard Hook80BronwynTHE MAILBOX~ Richard HookAutumn Park @ Park @ by Cynthia Amoroso...42715ajan3Fall by Cynthia Amoroso...Wall Josephine-Enchantment120docrabbitsWall Josephine-Enchantment12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_n77Ciupercuta12670506_949879925125755_3439881045370134414_nChild35Gigi0311Child