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County Fair300mitze308County FairImg 18198Img 18Dogs Cavalier king Charles Spaniel puppy54SpidersnailDogs Cavalier king Charles Spaniel puppyCavalier king charles spaniel77SpidersnailCavalier king charles spaniel#Charles Bird King Still Life117Kaboomer#Charles Bird King Still LifeIMG_0250 cavalier204IMG_0250 cavalierHéliot 00830Héliot 008My Pal42DeeTeacherMomMy PalOwl Always Love You150DeeTeacherMomOwl Always Love YouMy Pal252My Pal^ Cavelier King48300zx^ Cavelier KingBarkley crop north150rusty356Barkley crop northFran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield54Fran Fine and Maxwell SheffieldCharles Burton Barber off to school289ddubzCharles Burton Barber off to schoolCharlesBabbage20CharlesBabbageCharles-bukowski-screaming24Charles-bukowski-screamingCharles Santore - Snow White99robrCharles Santore - Snow WhiteJigsaw - Charles R Mackintosh stained glass150Jigsaw - Charles R Mackintosh stained glassMenton Old Town and Harbour108joanshollfrancisMenton Old Town and HarbourBlack and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel72SarahBBlack and tan Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier puppy with pink crocs80SarahBCavalier puppy with pink crocsDarwin316Darwin3Charles-Barkley-Dunking130rusty356Charles-Barkley-DunkingCharles-barkley-is-not-quite-face-to-face-with120rusty356Charles-barkley-is-not-quite-face-to-face-with