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Blue Heeler Cattle Dog pup20BlindTigerBlue Heeler Cattle Dog pupOhio Ranch24TigerjagOhio RanchFree range cattle.12jillnjoFree range cattle.Snow girl108MaryShireSnow girlPepper on snowy log112MaryShirePepper on snowy logBreakfast Buffet1082WranglersBreakfast BuffetWhere Change Comes Slowly99StudlyWhere Change Comes SlowlyPepper hiking on a snowy day90MaryShirePepper hiking on a snowy dayCold Longhorn90RedDirtinMySoulCold LonghornAustralian Cattle Dog Laying in Fall Leaves70GoldGalAustralian Cattle Dog Laying in Fall LeavesAustralian Cattle Dog Mom and Puppies60GoldGalAustralian Cattle Dog Mom and PuppiesMoo Moo Wheel77AmyJoyMoo Moo WheelLate Day90RedDirtinMySoulLate DayCattle ranching35puzzlesr4funCattle ranchingCattle 12150PixiCattle 12#70 lxle204chabudoa#70 lxleWaiting90RedDirtinMySoulWaitingHighland-cow-and-calf120grannycjHighland-cow-and-calfAt the Gossip Fence1082WranglersAt the Gossip Fencecattle-farming12ardenacattle-farmingcow-farming12ardenacow-farmingCattle 11150PixiCattle 11On the Farm36Cookie303On the FarmOrganic cattle in Ohio, United States35puzzlesr4funOrganic cattle in Ohio, United States