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Fire in the Sky1082WranglersFire in the SkyBelted Galloway171JditriBelted GallowayOut to pasture160JditriOut to pastureWandering Herd90RedDirtinMySoulWandering Herd1294447_10201632412085318_1824109731_o140MaryShire1294447_10201632412085318_1824109731_oThe girls20bodhi4meThe girlsPepper Puppy140MaryShirePepper PuppyCows in the rain35TJourdenCows in the rainpeaceful landscape cattle grazing32Annaghmpeaceful landscape cattle grazingPepper laughing at me!108MaryShirePepper laughing at me!Pass162billdicPassWest Texas Windmill36TigerjagWest Texas WindmillMiss Pepper99MaryShireMiss PepperTexas Cattle and Fuel Train USA96gamtnwxTexas Cattle and Fuel Train USAHairy coos12splodgerHairy coosTrail drive40mysteryfanTrail driveLuna II108AmeluLuna IILuna baby108AmeluLuna babyMecki + Luna V99AmeluMecki + Luna VMecki + Luna VI160AmeluMecki + Luna VIMecki + Luna II140AmeluMecki + Luna IIMecki + Luna I112AmeluMecki + Luna ICattle-drive-cows jpg size xxlarge letterbox240MustangJock51Cattle-drive-cows jpg size xxlarge letterboxCow300buckaCow