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Keeping each other warm99sherrie11Keeping each other warmKitten6jillnjoKittenCats in the library289Cats in the libraryJaneiro Branco - Saúde Mental (1)35PattyOliveiraJaneiro Branco - Saúde Mental (1)FB IMG 148489585168236roscyn29FB IMG 1484895851682FB IMG 148477023610236roscyn29FB IMG 1484770236102Tigres-puzzle192barbvanbenTigres-puzzleKitty6TuptusiaKittyThe cats' library300The cats' librarywhat about my my whiskers70deegeffwhat about my my whiskersGinger, bookstore cat at orinda books300Ginger, bookstore cat at orinda booksFeeding cats in the street12RiverPlateFeeding cats in the streetToo Cool99TheladyinblackToo CoolFB IMG 148486589277435roscyn29FB IMG 1484865892774FB IMG 148487273696835roscyn29FB IMG 1484872736968FB IMG 148487302665136roscyn29FB IMG 1484873026651FB IMG 148487278424735roscyn29FB IMG 1484872784247FB IMG 148487352000435roscyn29FB IMG 1484873520004Cute kitten II40TuptusiaCute kitten IIKitty30bubusKittyKitten20bubusKittenKittens28bubusKittensCute little cat15bubusCute little catMother cat and kittens35gelsominaMother cat and kittens