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Bear totem portion location unknown80walkswithBear totem portion location unknownKitselas totem poles80walkswithKitselas totem polesHole in the ice totem pole80walkswithHole in the ice totem polesnow festival12ardenasnow festivalMaori carving220sooziiiMaori carvingTlingit totem pole80walkswithTlingit totem poleTlingit Community House and Totem Poles80walkswithTlingit Community House and Totem PolesChief skendans mortuary totem pole canada77walkswithChief skendans mortuary totem pole canada^ Mount Rushmore in the Winter35300zx^ Mount Rushmore in the WinterA Work Of Turkey Art60leoleobobeoA Work Of Turkey ArtMount Rushmore, South Dakota35auntpatty34Mount Rushmore, South DakotaCathedral angel30BittypuzzleCathedral angelFruit Carving54sb1981Fruit CarvingPumpkin carving12mika7Pumpkin carvingHappy HAL289MJC22Happy HAL^ Xenopus ~ Pumpkin carving9300zx^ Xenopus ~ Pumpkin carvingMade from Paulonia wood63leoleobobeoMade from Paulonia woodWood carving detail70leoleobobeoWood carving detailcarved head108barduncarved head#Asian Carving Vancouver B.C.80Kaboomer#Asian Carving Vancouver B.C.African tribal mask with color70walkswithAfrican tribal mask with colorEAGLE TOTEM POLE TOP24zipnonEAGLE TOTEM POLE TOPwatermelon art35sandrac103watermelon artUpper Cathedral Lake and Peak in late afternoon sun70swreaderUpper Cathedral Lake and Peak in late afternoon sun