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Is it spring yet?63leoleobobeoIs it spring yet?Cholula dog36SquimyCholula dogPainted African Wild Dog198EmbeePainted African Wild DogDalmatian running in the snow60leoleobobeoDalmatian running in the snowYorkshire Terrier Puppies15bodhi4meYorkshire Terrier PuppiesWinter coyote singing60leoleobobeoWinter coyote singingCoyote in the snow63leoleobobeoCoyote in the snowCanine Christmas70GoldGalCanine ChristmasSnowball dog60leoleobobeoSnowball dogAfrican wild dog60leoleobobeoAfrican wild dogRandal Spangler 'Canine Christmas'99rwmainRandal Spangler 'Canine Christmas'Adorable puppy60leoleobobeoAdorable puppyI didn't do it ... honest!!60leoleobobeoI didn't do it ... honest!!Fox240SadnessFoxEuropean red fox in fall60leoleobobeoEuropean red fox in fallLove a dog!64leoleobobeoLove a dog!Wolfy's new look220WolfyWolfy's new lookWaiting for the ball to be thrown ...63leoleobobeoWaiting for the ball to be thrown ...Brown Dog35TJourdenBrown DogDoggy Chef204angels626Doggy ChefBlack Dog35TJourdenBlack DogDog sled - working dogs60leoleobobeoDog sled - working dogsShaggy Terrier puppy16bodhi4meShaggy Terrier puppySamoyed dog in the wind60leoleobobeoSamoyed dog in the wind