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Sunset in Folsom48candyworks44Sunset in FolsomDowntown-San-Jose-SPUR-real-estate-The-Registry70SnapshotDowntown-San-Jose-SPUR-real-estate-The-RegistrySolvang, California72Valjeane1949Solvang, CaliforniaMirror house, Californian desert, Doug Aitken35heringMirror house, Californian desert, Doug AitkenSierra Nevadas150BearClawSierra NevadasMcway Falls Waterfall99mamileMcway Falls WaterfallWail'in on the Street35AmyJoyWail'in on the StreetOde To Hippie Fashion36AmyJoyOde To Hippie FashionAnother Interesting Sign25AmyJoyAnother Interesting SignMural in Haight Ashbury70AmyJoyMural in Haight AshburyHaight Ashbury Signage70AmyJoyHaight Ashbury SignageHippie Heaven - Haight Ashbury15AmyJoyHippie Heaven - Haight AshburyThe Golden Gate Conservatory112AmyJoyThe Golden Gate ConservatoryPlayground Snake Golden Gate Park60AmyJoyPlayground Snake Golden Gate ParkGiant Slide in Golden Gate Park45AmyJoyGiant Slide in Golden Gate ParkAIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park36AmyJoyAIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate ParkNice Night For A Walk120AmyJoyNice Night For A WalkBlues Dude Castro Coleman aka Mr Sipp35AmyJoyBlues Dude Castro Coleman aka Mr SippBiscuits and Blues Club San Francisco35AmyJoyBiscuits and Blues Club San Francisco^ San Francisco, California24300zx^ San Francisco, California^ Leland Stanford Mansion, Sacramento, California20300zx^ Leland Stanford Mansion, Sacramento, CaliforniaShark Fin Cove, California300Taty73Shark Fin Cove, CaliforniaOh the Orchids72AmyJoyOh the OrchidsFlowers for Sale in Chinatown72AmyJoyFlowers for Sale in Chinatown