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Fullerton, California
canoodling Californai darner dragonflies Sept 9/14
^ Loon Lake, Eldorado National Forest, California, USA
California Morro Bay Squirrel
California Morro Bay Row Boats
California Morro Bay Rock
California Morro Bay Power Plant by Harbor
California In the Grapevine
High Tides provide Dramatic Sunset
Mono Lake
^ Lombard St., San Francisco, CA
^ Nob Hill, San Francisco, CA
Hunewill Ranch
California Red Sided Garter Snake
^ Victorian Houses on Postcard Row, Alamo Square, San Francisco,
Laguna beach california-1527220
Big Sur Coast California
#Ocelot, San Diego Zoo, California
Yosemite Valley
#California Red-Sided Garter Snake
Mission Bay Architecture