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Février by the Limbourg brothers60FadeFévrier by the Limbourg brothersGreen Cloak~80BronwynGreen Cloak~#Healthy New Year's Resolution63Kaboomer#Healthy New Year's Resolutionvintage calendar collection10ardenavintage calendar collectionWinter Refreshment~ Haddon-Sundblom Coca Cola Ad70BronwynWinter Refreshment~ Haddon-Sundblom Coca Cola Ad... as time goes by ...32ninussa... as time goes by ...Cute Vintage New Year70ldeichmillCute Vintage New YearDays of Our Lives (my own work)42CovertDays of Our Lives (my own work)Lucky Dog~72BronwynLucky Dog~Masquerade~ Howard Connolly 380BronwynMasquerade~ Howard Connolly 3Advent Calendar 50's80BronwynAdvent Calendar 50'sSnow-queen70BronwynSnow-queenBilly DeVorss c. 1940’s80BronwynBilly DeVorss c. 1940’sChristmas-pin-up~ Art Frahm70BronwynChristmas-pin-up~ Art FrahmThe skier~ EB Segner80BronwynThe skier~ EB SegnerSurprise Gift~ GElvgren70BronwynSurprise Gift~ GElvgren2015.1156bawdyanne2015.1Vern Tossey96BronwynVern TosseyPretty Girls~ Pearl Frush70BronwynPretty Girls~ Pearl Frush40's Beauty~ Pearl Frush70Bronwyn40's Beauty~ Pearl FrushFBMH Advent81FBMH AdventIvory, Lesley Anne Cat Calendar100docrabbitsIvory, Lesley Anne Cat CalendarAntique French Brass Perpetual Calendar80GoldGalAntique French Brass Perpetual CalendarPortrait~Jesus Helguera90BronwynPortrait~Jesus Helguera