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FUR-BABY SARGE- owned by BETH S BROCK108JerriMowry1FUR-BABY SARGE- owned by BETH S BROCKFUR-BABY HAZEL owner STEPHANIE B BULLOCK108JerriMowry1FUR-BABY HAZEL owner STEPHANIE B BULLOCKMt Fuji-Tokyo, Japan35KarlitosMt Fuji-Tokyo, JapanGOLD FINCH photographed by GERALDINE DEBOER112JerriMowry1GOLD FINCH photographed by GERALDINE DEBOERNapoli: Piazza Plebiscito60ItaliaNapoli: Piazza PlebiscitoFUR-BABY ETTA photographed by JULIE MAILLE112JerriMowry1FUR-BABY ETTA photographed by JULIE MAILLEFUR-BABY JOVI photographed by MELINDA MERLIN MCKELVEY108JerriMowry1FUR-BABY JOVI photographed by MELINDA MERLIN MCKELVEYFUR-BABY FOXY PHOTOGRAPHED BY JULIE LOUGH110JerriMowry1FUR-BABY FOXY PHOTOGRAPHED BY JULIE LOUGHBULLFROG photographed by MELANIE ABNEY108JerriMowry1BULLFROG photographed by MELANIE ABNEYScenery32180villachampScenery32SUMMER VISITOR photographed by DAVID AKOUBIAN108JerriMowry1SUMMER VISITOR photographed by DAVID AKOUBIANRelax by a pool8mika7Relax by a poolChateau by Water192villachampChateau by WaterSUMMER TREASURE'S- Photographed by JERRI MOWRY108JerriMowry1SUMMER TREASURE'S- Photographed by JERRI MOWRYSUMMER VISITOR-photographed by MELANIE ABNEY108JerriMowry1SUMMER VISITOR-photographed by MELANIE ABNEYMAGNOLIA photographed by BILL CAMERON108JerriMowry1MAGNOLIA photographed by BILL CAMERON^ Cottage garden, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California35300zx^ Cottage garden, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California^ Hydrangea at cottage, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California20300zx^ Hydrangea at cottage, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CaliforniaCaño-Cristales - Another view of this colorful Colombian River60swreaderCaño-Cristales - Another view of this colorful Colombian RiverCaño Cristales – the River of Five Colors in Colombia63swreaderCaño Cristales – the River of Five Colors in ColombiaSplit Rock Lighthouse35KarlitosSplit Rock LighthouseRED-TAILED HAWK-photographed by SHASHIKALA AMARASINGHE110JerriMowry1RED-TAILED HAWK-photographed by SHASHIKALA AMARASINGHEJUNEAU ALASKA-photographed by DOUG WALKER108JerriMowry1JUNEAU ALASKA-photographed by DOUG WALKERGREAT BLUE HERON photographed by EARLENE CAMERON112JerriMowry1GREAT BLUE HERON photographed by EARLENE CAMERON