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The Louvre Paris24715ajan3The Louvre Paris#London England32Kaboomer#London EnglandArmando Aguiar 9380mariangelsArmando Aguiar 93#Cape Town South Africa t Night12Kaboomer#Cape Town South Africa t Night^ Girona, Italy45300zx^ Girona, Italy^ Brugge, Belgium45300zx^ Brugge, BelgiumRathaus, Spittal an der Drau99EcclesiastesRathaus, Spittal an der DrauArriluze 2150pawsawayArriluze 2Building Patterns96ViolinaginBuilding PatternsArchitecture 28 - Shwezigon Pagoda, Myanmar150EmbeeArchitecture 28 - Shwezigon Pagoda, MyanmarAbandoned Building Durant Oklahoma48goosealleygalAbandoned Building Durant OklahomaAbandoned Brick Building Durant Oklahoma48goosealleygalAbandoned Brick Building Durant OklahomaTlaquepaque 01300EmbeeTlaquepaque 01Ghost Town 02160EmbeeGhost Town 02village charm4qwertzvillage charmcountry garden path by Derk Hansen15qwertzcountry garden path by Derk HansenOvergrown church ruins, London15qwertzOvergrown church ruins, LondonPOTW Scotney Old Castle,Kent24qwertzPOTW Scotney Old Castle,KentPOTW Singapore24qwertzPOTW SingaporeParis54qwertzParisChina's Great Wall40qwertzChina's Great Wall#Mallorca Spain32Kaboomer#Mallorca Spain#Copenhagen Denmark6Kaboomer#Copenhagen Denmarkcity48qwertzcity