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The Heart of the Village~ THarrison99BronwynThe Heart of the Village~ THarrisonCastle 85 - Sintra, Portugal48mika7Castle 85 - Sintra, PortugalLuxor Las Vegas120cfjessLuxor Las VegasVersailles300Im2prezVersaillesVersailles Gardens300Im2prezVersailles Gardenscottage-house15hlinikcottage-houseprofimedia15hlinikprofimediathatched cottage20qwertzthatched cottageThe Old Esso Station by Charles Roy Smith70715ajan3The Old Esso Station by Charles Roy SmithDuty Honor and Tears , 1862 by Mort Kunstler70715ajan3Duty Honor and Tears , 1862 by Mort KunstlerMagical130pawsawayMagicalKnights of the Road~99BronwynKnights of the Road~Portmeirion 03247EmbeePortmeirion 03Relaxing by the River~99BronwynRelaxing by the River~Fazenda300TinaPyFazendaTitchfield Abbey-Hampshire-UK120GerivTitchfield Abbey-Hampshire-UKafternoon walk12qwertzafternoon walkBelgium on water48ghinaBelgium on waterArgentina buildings42ghinaArgentina buildingsSchaanwald Templom99EcclesiastesSchaanwald TemplomNeuschwanstein-Castle-Germany130gwynnNeuschwanstein-Castle-GermanyView from Ligerz, Switzerland a24mika7View from Ligerz, Switzerland aLovely pink cottage24mika7Lovely pink cottageOld World Architecture in Italy60jsuggOld World Architecture in Italy