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Piper in the Craft Room70GingerRPiper in the Craft RoomBuffy The Vampire Slayer150Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuffy and Spike by prof dr dr weird-d4cr0ss300veronicaspuffyBuffy and Spike by prof dr dr weird-d4cr0ssBuffy Season 199psunshineBuffy Season 1Buffy/Fray/Willow99psunshineBuffy/Fray/WillowBuffy Season 999psunshineBuffy Season 9David Boreanaz99AnnyaDavid BoreanazAlyson Hannigan300willowxtaraAlyson Hanniganwillow300willowspike300spikeBuffy Season 8 11299Buffy Season 8 11Buffy Comic 290psunshineBuffy Comic 2Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 10)260willowxtaraBuffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 10)Season Five Cast150missockiSeason Five CastWillow and Aluwyn100PaganAtheistWillow and AluwynFaith & Buffy140fivebyfiveFaith & BuffyManip150fivebyfiveManipSlayers awakening98CrysaniaMajereSlayers awakeningWillow and a little bambi98CrysaniaMajereWillow and a little bambiBirthday party98CrysaniaMajereBirthday partyBuffy and Tara77CrysaniaMajereBuffy and TaraAngel Spike and Buffy300WhiterabbitEAngel Spike and BuffyJack harkness and john hart200WhiterabbitEJack harkness and john hartWillow and Tara150Willow and Tara