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Yellow and Brown Victorian Trim Eaves63goosealleygalYellow and Brown Victorian Trim EavesBaking 128serejkaBaking 1Asher Brown Durand: The Evening of Life299Asher Brown Durand: The Evening of LifeGame bird feathers80walkswithGame bird feathersRunning horse16sandrac103Running horse1Bunny rabbit6sandrac103Bunny rabbitCoquillage et Eponges42TerriCCoquillage et EpongesAsher Brown Durand: The Catskills300Asher Brown Durand: The CatskillsCountry road108diana473Country roadTree lined back road108diana473Tree lined back roadBirds35TerriCBirdsLove a tree108diana473Love a treeLeave a trail where there is no path112diana473Leave a trail where there is no pathMourning Cloak110cloudfanMourning CloakWisteria garden park117diana473Wisteria garden parkCircular Motion56TerriCCircular Motiondragon journal detail77walkswithdragon journal detailAmorous wood frogs April 19.1563eiguocAmorous wood frogs April 19.15McKenzie river trail35tiingerMcKenzie river trailDaxies150Cat120DaxiesPatterns and Designs by Megan Duncanson60TerriCPatterns and Designs by Megan DuncansonJourney Home Collage Painting by Megan Duncanson56TerriCJourney Home Collage Painting by Megan DuncansonLonging by Megan Duncanson60TerriCLonging by Megan DuncansonPatrick Brown 6300CapnFredPatrick Brown 6