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White cherry blooming24llgreggWhite cherry bloomingCherry laden boughs35llgreggCherry laden boughsGOOD MORNING, TWISTED LIMBS!289SandyLandersGOOD MORNING, TWISTED LIMBS!The Ancient Tree in the ghostly night - Poirot63feralblueThe Ancient Tree in the ghostly night - PoirotEngland - old tree (Poirot)56feralblueEngland - old tree (Poirot)FULL MOON AND TWISTED LIMBS300SandyLandersFULL MOON AND TWISTED LIMBScolorful birds on branches54sosanna8colorful birds on branchesBranches70ppazBranchesicy branches60sosanna8icy branchesLonely Night300Johnsey22Lonely NightIt speaks of life, shelter, provision, and beauty!! SQ48TrishadishIt speaks of life, shelter, provision, and beauty!! SQCeltic Tree300Johnsey22Celtic TreeTWISTED LIMBS KIAWE300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS KIAWEOrange Oakleaves119KavithaOrange OakleavesGreen Forest117KavithaGreen ForestTWISTED LIMBS YELLOW ASPEN300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS YELLOW ASPEN24596_385620444131_1109193_n4824596_385620444131_1109193_nTWISTED LIMBS PICNIC AREA300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS PICNIC AREATWISTED LIMBS ON IAT300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS ON IATBranchesGovt54robrBranchesGovtTree roots35LetiBravoTree rootsTree house35LetiBravoTree houseCottage in the Deep Woods15feralblueCottage in the Deep WoodsLong n winding tree35LetiBravoLong n winding tree