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#Pine Nuts15Kaboomer#Pine NutsDawn east 154goosealleygalDawn east 1Dawn east 248goosealleygalDawn east 2Green eyed Cypress raccoon=Dec 28.1490eiguocGreen eyed Cypress raccoon=Dec 28.14Black Racer in a bush70goosealleygalBlack Racer in a bushMagic crystalline ice on branches54goosealleygalMagic crystalline ice on branchesCardinal on snowy branch56goosealleygalCardinal on snowy branchGooseberries hanging like colored crystals45llgreggGooseberries hanging like colored crystalsDRAMATIC TWISTED LIMBS299SandyLandersDRAMATIC TWISTED LIMBSProtea on a branch in the wind15llgreggProtea on a branch in the windDone289ErraticaDoneWhite cherry blooming24llgreggWhite cherry bloomingCherry laden boughs35llgreggCherry laden boughsGOOD MORNING, TWISTED LIMBS!289SandyLandersGOOD MORNING, TWISTED LIMBS!The Ancient Tree in the ghostly night - Poirot63feralblueThe Ancient Tree in the ghostly night - PoirotEngland - old tree (Poirot)56feralblueEngland - old tree (Poirot)FULL MOON AND TWISTED LIMBS300SandyLandersFULL MOON AND TWISTED LIMBS#What Are You Doing Now?50Kaboomer#What Are You Doing Now?colorful birds on branches54sosanna8colorful birds on branchesBranches70ppazBranchesicy branches60sosanna8icy branchesLonely Night300Johnsey22Lonely NightIt speaks of life, shelter, provision, and beauty!! SQ48TrishadishIt speaks of life, shelter, provision, and beauty!! SQCeltic Tree300Johnsey22Celtic Tree