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amazing nature!12ardenaamazing nature!A Marblehead Moment60TJourdenA Marblehead MomentPlitvice,Croatia12ardenaPlitvice,Croatiafine art america brown tree by chris berry35dankenstynefine art america brown tree by chris berryTWISTED LIMBS ON FIRE #2300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS ON FIRE #2"The Proposal"154LyleK"The Proposal"yellow flowers in sunshine12dankenstyneyellow flowers in sunshine#Cardinal35Kaboomer#Cardinal#Blue Jay12Kaboomer#Blue JayPrickly twigs60KEriksenPrickly twigs#Red Headed Side Viewer12Kaboomer#Red Headed Side ViewerForest Walk (created by Jill Jenson)168AnnikeForest Walk (created by Jill Jenson)autumn lake24dankenstyneautumn lakesounds of silence24dankenstynesounds of silenceabandoned car12ardenaabandoned carPlum Blossoms80SpencerKayPlum BlossomsTWISTED LIMBS IN THE PINK300SandyLandersTWISTED LIMBS IN THE PINK"Gnawing On A Twig"150LyleK"Gnawing On A Twig"Abstract fall branches against the sky60leoleobobeoAbstract fall branches against the skyFrozen branches35mika7Frozen branchesmangrove forest8ardenamangrove forestducks in winter12ardenaducks in winter02370masterpiecer023Tree branches on a rainy day60feralblueTree branches on a rainy day