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Bols, porcelaine couleurs96catlocBols, porcelaine couleursFruit mixed150sandrac103Fruit mixedAWWW, WE WERE JUST LOOKING AT THE FISHIES   ..72TrishaLeeAWWW, WE WERE JUST LOOKING AT THE FISHIES ..Bowl with apples4hlinikBowl with applesRose Bowl Parade California USA120gamtnwxRose Bowl Parade California USARose Bowl Parade California 2013 USA120gamtnwxRose Bowl Parade California 2013 USACookie Cutter Fruit Salad12lydthekidCookie Cutter Fruit Saladexactly the right size35bardunexactly the right sizeOld Jug and Barrel35PortalinOld Jug and BarrelFruit and Flowers30PortalinFruit and Flowers...120Nicky23...Fish-bowl-best126Nicky23Fish-bowl-best^ Peaches35300zx^ PeachesFood935LetiBravoFood9Summer Cool72sfranguSummer CoolGummi bears165diana473Gummi bearsCherries and Flowers35TerriCCherries and Flowers^ Bowl bed32300zx^ Bowl bedBig flower bowl204angelraemorningBig flower bowl#Wine and Fruit Still Life25Kaboomer#Wine and Fruit Still LifeLemons20PortalinLemons#What Did you Say About the Fish?240Kaboomer#What Did you Say About the Fish?Lemons and China - bowl plate tablecloth spoon25PortalinLemons and China - bowl plate tablecloth spoonLemons in a Bowl20PortalinLemons in a Bowl