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blue fish12qwertzblue fishIndigodragonfly Rainbow Yarn36impeccableknitsIndigodragonfly Rainbow Yarnglacier15qwertzglacier11148642_702094819900246_8480838853198813497_n150moyenage11148642_702094819900246_8480838853198813497_nRope Swing at the Lake70ViolinaginRope Swing at the Lakewild turkey at Lynde Shores=March 22.1590eiguocwild turkey at Lynde Shores=March 22.152009_0514violets000235impeccableknits2009_0514violets0002#Garibaldi Lake British Columbia Canada28Kaboomer#Garibaldi Lake British Columbia CanadaKite Car in Gobi Desert48Kite Car in Gobi Desertmorning first quarter moon IMG_184112girondinemorning first quarter moon IMG_1841From the top35photoartFrom the top^ Snoopy 4th of July20300zx^ Snoopy 4th of JulyArriluze 2150pawsawayArriluze 2Spray-paint-Art-by-Thomas-Soesso35jeanie45Spray-paint-Art-by-Thomas-SoessoGOLD EMBROIDERY, LORCA, SPAIN20zipnonGOLD EMBROIDERY, LORCA, SPAINBlue-city140GarbooBlue-cityFiltered Sunlight through the Ocean60feralblueFiltered Sunlight through the Ocean"Castle" - refracted flashlight in the tunnel60feralblue"Castle" - refracted flashlight in the tunnelBubbles from the ocean floor60feralblueBubbles from the ocean floorImages by jeff-from the sea63pawsawayImages by jeff-from the seaPainting of the a Yellow Stone Caldera eruption60feralbluePainting of the a Yellow Stone Caldera eruption#Mallorca Spain32Kaboomer#Mallorca Spainunder water18qwertzunder waterGreen blue black160joanshollfrancisGreen blue black