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#What Are You Doing Now?50Kaboomer#What Are You Doing Now?Amazing tree40manke2Amazing treeBamboo130candreasBamboospring40lavakatkaspringVine and bloom204Vine and bloomPeonies Blooming28lydthekidPeonies BloomingGrand Teton Wildflowers80swreaderGrand Teton WildflowersOne of largest balanced rocks in Big Bend Nat. Park, TX70swreaderOne of largest balanced rocks in Big Bend Nat. Park, TXTahoma the Great  (later known as Mt. Ranier)80swreaderTahoma the Great (later known as Mt. Ranier)Sunset at Texas Canyon, AZ77swreaderSunset at Texas Canyon, AZ^ Breathtakingly beautiful91300zx^ Breathtakingly beautiful#Bird in Blooming Tree - Karla Gerard30Kaboomer#Bird in Blooming Tree - Karla Gerard#WMP Blooming Village- Karla Gerard12Kaboomer#WMP Blooming Village- Karla GerardNewness12lydthekidNewnessAnticipation12lydthekidAnticipation#Blooming80Kaboomer#BloomingNight blooming cereus48swreaderNight blooming cereusSunset on a Desert Garden - Marc Adamus70swreaderSunset on a Desert Garden - Marc AdamusDSC0286996PamPostDSC02869Family Farm35ewelambb10Family FarmBradford-pear-tree-blossoms_w725_h58035ewelambb10Bradford-pear-tree-blossoms_w725_h580DSCF1006120dizzylizzyDSCF1006DSCF1002 (2)108dizzylizzyDSCF1002 (2)Night blooming cereus56janignaNight blooming cereus