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Baby owl4SpidersnailBaby owlamazing birds12ardenaamazing birdsbeautiful blue bird15ardenabeautiful blue birdamazing birds12ardenaamazing birdspainting on silk, Vietnam120bardunpainting on silk, Vietnamstring art owl110bardunstring art owlBird 52148a38mgaBird 521LDAUAaK48LDAUAaKUniversal Evening Post120mamileUniversal Evening PostColourful Art by Nicole Gelinas...35715ajan3Colourful Art by Nicole Gelinas...Silk and gold embroidered Japanese panel with cranes56LaZoilaSilk and gold embroidered Japanese panel with cranesMailbox supprise90sherrie11Mailbox supprisebird12qwertzbirdwindow visitor15qwertzwindow visitorUrszula Tekieli (43)90mariangelsUrszula Tekieli (43)Colourful Folk Art by Paula Dileo, at Folk Art by Paula Dileo, at Tekieli (19)90mariangelsUrszula Tekieli (19)Joaquim Sunyer (1)90mariangelsJoaquim Sunyer (1)fought over food15hlinikfought over foodFOR BIRD LOVERS192cacabuckFOR BIRD LOVERSCochevis35mikhailCochevisBird animals60SpidersnailBird animalsHyacinth-Macaw16ardenaHyacinth-MacawParrots12ardenaParrots