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Two-color budgie120mikeyjdTwo-color budgiecat in a bow tie110barduncat in a bow tieBird over misty lake160tnbsktsBird over misty lakeAfrican Parrot40WiccaSmurfAfrican ParrotCardinal in a Heart195lenalopezCardinal in a HeartZaika, Oxana Cat of Bird and Buttons110docrabbitsZaika, Oxana Cat of Bird and ButtonsScreech Owl77nobody0Screech OwlBeautiful nature28Anito7Beautiful natureTourterelles blanches35heringTourterelles blanchesjust the two of us35lulu5987just the two of usain't nobody here but us roosters35lulu5987ain't nobody here but us roostersPhoto6hlinikPhotoAutumn24NadinBgAutumnflamingos80deegeffflamingosBird Nest60Vivien2012Bird NestChow time again56Vivien2012Chow time againPlayful birds beach sunrise54Vivien2012Playful birds beach sunriseGreg Giordano 'Fall Birds'99Rita49Greg Giordano 'Fall Birds'Www.birds-1aef3cb757c735BineMajaWww.birds-1aef3cb757c7golden pheasant12ardenagolden pheasantCádiz, La puerta de Tierra60puzlartCádiz, La puerta de TierraFeeding Pigeons~ Ferdinand Wagner autumn fall77BronwynFeeding Pigeons~ Ferdinand Wagner autumn fallYellow-rumped Warbler - © 2017 winterwren99TigerladyYellow-rumped Warbler - © 2017 winterwrenRainbow lorikeets sitting on a branch35lulu5987Rainbow lorikeets sitting on a branch