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oriole and blossoms15qwertzoriole and blossomsPEACOCK TAIL FEATHERS20zipnonPEACOCK TAIL FEATHERSColorful feathers63KatinkaGardenerColorful feathersBIRD300AMARIEABIRDtree sparrow24sadladytree sparrowExotic bird 5150Jose1950Exotic bird 5Colibri-Beautiful-Bird-150Jose1950Colibri-Beautiful-Bird-15327236_527876490746244_7869129819280821321_n80deegeff15327236_527876490746244_7869129819280821321_nBaby Whistling Duck36AmyJoyBaby Whistling DuckBirds - Hummingbird and honey bees90Magpie627Birds - Hummingbird and honey beesSinging Starlings117CrescentMoonglowSinging StarlingsBird in the Snow96CrescentMoonglowBird in the SnowPelican Serenade120CrescentMoonglowPelican SerenadeSunflower Perch117CrescentMoonglowSunflower PerchReflection of a Bird 2120CrescentMoonglowReflection of a Bird 2Reflection of a Bird117CrescentMoonglowReflection of a BirdHyacinth Macaws110GoldGalHyacinth MacawsAfrican Grey Parrot120GoldGalAfrican Grey ParrotBirds - Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant - Peru99Magpie627Birds - Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant - PeruBirds - Male Green Junglefowl - Bali60Magpie627Birds - Male Green Junglefowl - BaliMallard duck pair taking a walk60leoleobobeoMallard duck pair taking a walkBirds - Male King Eider - Finland100Magpie627Birds - Male King Eider - FinlandBirds - Drake Hooded Merganser88Magpie627Birds - Drake Hooded MerganserBirds - Crested Owls - Ecuador88Magpie627Birds - Crested Owls - Ecuador