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Bilbo Standing on Smaug's Gold36larsummsBilbo Standing on Smaug's GoldBilbo Baggins in Smaug's Lair28larsummsBilbo Baggins in Smaug's LairEl hobbit 135olgaigaEl hobbit 1thehobbit-dos-ravenhill198mp63thehobbit-dos-ravenhillBilbo with quill in hand300Bilbo with quill in handWound in Weathertop300amberlilliesWound in WeathertopWelcome From Lothlorien300amberlilliesWelcome From LothlorienTom, Bert, and William300amberlilliesTom, Bert, and WilliamThe Return of the King300amberlilliesThe Return of the KingThe Forest King300amberlilliesThe Forest KingPlanning an Adventure300amberlilliesPlanning an AdventureMount Doom300amberlilliesMount DoomGo West300amberlilliesGo WestFarewell Frodo289amberlilliesFarewell FrodoBilbo Baggins in Bagend289amberlilliesBilbo Baggins in BagendBilbo Baggins 111th Birthday300amberlilliesBilbo Baggins 111th BirthdayBattle of the Five Armies300amberlilliesBattle of the Five ArmiesThe Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug - Bilbo300MelphieThe Hobbit - Desolation of Smaug - Bilbo"The Hobbit" road to adventure12feralblue"The Hobbit" road to adventureHobbit House Tumblr_lit2zoJH5B1qh5juxo1_1280135AuntJBHobbit House Tumblr_lit2zoJH5B1qh5juxo1_1280Bilbo150goatrancherBilboTim Kirk Riddle Games117JimbobovalsocksTim Kirk Riddle GamesGerd Renshoff Bilbo and Smaug99JimbobovalsocksGerd Renshoff Bilbo and SmaugTed Nasmith Shelob.130JimbobovalsocksTed Nasmith Shelob.