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^ The WOW effect, Keukenhof, Netherlands12300zx^ The WOW effect, Keukenhof, Netherlands1799330017993Spectacular sunlight on the mountains and lupines of Lake Tekapo56swreaderSpectacular sunlight on the mountains and lupines of Lake TekapoCirque du Soleil28KnawnsCirque du SoleilBlooming Lupins on the Coast of Lake Tekapo in New Zealand60swreaderBlooming Lupins on the Coast of Lake Tekapo in New ZealandThe Big Bang Theory 86300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 8658caba78da54166189e7c5b6f18d1fd432DanaDicesaris196558caba78da54166189e7c5b6f18d1fd4Big-Bang-Theory6198steve234Big-Bang-Theory6Vai ficar ai só olhando?36PattyOliveiraVai ficar ai só olhando?HAPPY HIPPO20zipnonHAPPY HIPPOThe Big Bang Theory 84300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 84Big Ben London UK81shaperBig Ben London UKBig-hippo-yawn6Big-hippo-yawnTbbt80kitkatmac0128TbbtPoppies Big Sur California USA99gamtnwxPoppies Big Sur California USAThe Big Bang Theory 83300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 83great-atmosphere-hippopotamus-baby-beautiful-164-1 (2)54dankenstynegreat-atmosphere-hippopotamus-baby-beautiful-164-1 (2)The Rematch70TrishaLeeThe RematchSky by romanrazgriz-d9uoc5z35StephJeevasSky by romanrazgriz-d9uoc5zA Big Wave19219Monica65A Big Wave6152_876661859123499_8174693774298961106_n48jdb546152_876661859123499_8174693774298961106_nReize56ReizeReizeReize54ReizeReizeThe Big Bang Theory 82300yoitoThe Big Bang Theory 82