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Ice Cold Sodas70AmyJoyIce Cold Sodas^ St. Patrick's Day Mint Schnapps Shakes35300zx^ St. Patrick's Day Mint Schnapps ShakesSnout with Stout49AmyJoySnout with Stout733dd56df41a3a6bf8395bd83dbb5df060cldumeah733dd56df41a3a6bf8395bd83dbb5df0Beer126staroympaBeerWhisky108staroympaWhisky^ Healthy fruit smoothie24300zx^ Healthy fruit smoothie^ Fruit smoothies28300zx^ Fruit smoothiesGetting Juiced130AmyJoyGetting Juiced^ Cappuccino in Italy35300zx^ Cappuccino in ItalyMan in a Barrel in a Glass of Beer54AnnikeMan in a Barrel in a Glass of BeerCurves24AmyJoyCurvesNot The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide Stand72AmyJoyNot The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide StandWine Tasting Whistle Stop50AmyJoyWine Tasting Whistle StopBourbon96ArtQuarkBourbonSaki cocktail72ArtQuarkSaki cocktailMojito77ArtQuarkMojitoLively lime98ArtQuarkLively limeLimeade96ArtQuarkLimeadeLime and mint70ArtQuarkLime and mintLemon and Limeade130ArtQuarkLemon and LimeadeIce cubes35ArtQuarkIce cubesFruit Infused Ice Cubes77ArtQuarkFruit Infused Ice CubesFruit cubes77ArtQuarkFruit cubes