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Hot Chocolate 1300potionphoenixHot Chocolate 1Beer300PommeBeer^ Tall glass of tomato juice28300zx^ Tall glass of tomato juice^ Coffee with macarons28300zx^ Coffee with macarons^ Tomato juice18300zx^ Tomato juice^ Pumpkin pie smoothie30300zx^ Pumpkin pie smoothie^ Pineapple Bar, Maxwell Hotel, Seattle, WA24300zx^ Pineapple Bar, Maxwell Hotel, Seattle, WACoffee300PommeCoffeeCocktail300PommeCocktailTea cup 2300PommeTea cup 2Tea cup300PommeTea cupJOSE CUERVO99staroympaJOSE CUERVO^ Fresh fruit smoothie35300zx^ Fresh fruit smoothiewhiskey drink & a cigar6dankenstynewhiskey drink & a cigar^ Tutti Fruitti Smoothie35300zx^ Tutti Fruitti Smoothie^ Virgin Mojito Iced Tea15300zx^ Virgin Mojito Iced TeaTe con cerezas300PommeTe con cerezasFeast300BockmanFeastLtO1eg9OpjQ289TrishaLeeLtO1eg9OpjQ600000150staroympa600000Food96carmenrFood^ Peach Sangria28300zx^ Peach SangriaDrink with lemon15bodhi4meDrink with lemonTropical Drinks35sb1981Tropical Drinks