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^ Wine28300zx^ WineHoney Bear Lip Smacker56AmyJoyHoney Bear Lip SmackerSmoothies24carmenrSmoothies^ Blackberry and raspberry smoothies35300zx^ Blackberry and raspberry smoothies^ Swimming Bunnies Latte16300zx^ Swimming Bunnies Latte^ Traditional tea12300zx^ Traditional tea^ Tea with lemon and daisies35300zx^ Tea with lemon and daisiesIce Cold Sodas70AmyJoyIce Cold Sodas^ St. Patrick's Day Mint Schnapps Shakes35300zx^ St. Patrick's Day Mint Schnapps ShakesSnout with Stout49AmyJoySnout with Stout733dd56df41a3a6bf8395bd83dbb5df060cldumeah733dd56df41a3a6bf8395bd83dbb5df0Beer126staroympaBeerWhisky108staroympaWhisky^ Healthy fruit smoothie24300zx^ Healthy fruit smoothie^ Fruit smoothies28300zx^ Fruit smoothiesGetting Juiced130AmyJoyGetting Juiced^ Cappuccino in Italy35300zx^ Cappuccino in ItalyMan in a Barrel in a Glass of Beer54AnnikeMan in a Barrel in a Glass of BeerCurves24AmyJoyCurvesNot The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide Stand72AmyJoyNot The Neighbor Kid Lemonaide StandWine Tasting Whistle Stop50AmyJoyWine Tasting Whistle StopBourbon96ArtQuarkBourbonSaki cocktail72ArtQuarkSaki cocktailMojito77ArtQuarkMojito