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abandoned railroad24qwertzabandoned railroadblack cat6qwertzblack catflowers in jars15qwertzflowers in jarsfood12qwertzfoodPNC Park80thejacobwallerPNC Parkpanda bear6qwertzpanda bearred mushrooms15qwertzred mushroomsrooster and two chickens12qwertzrooster and two chickenstrees by lake at sunset24qwertztrees by lake at sunsetBeautiful red candles24bubusBeautiful red candlesAdorable45bubusAdorableChristmas holiday28bubusChristmas holidayseagulls by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/Poland48ninussaseagulls by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/PolandSunrise in Babie Doły by M. Olech/Gdynia/Poland108ninussaSunrise in Babie Doły by M. Olech/Gdynia/Polandsilence by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/Poland35ninussasilence by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/Polandstorm surge by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/Poland54ninussastorm surge by M.Olech/Babie doły/Gdynia/PolandBabie doły in Gdynia by M. Szura Piwnik/Poland77ninussaBabie doły in Gdynia by M. Szura Piwnik/PolandWatch the snow fall and relax :)117KateBlackRiddleWatch the snow fall and relax :)Russia <396KateBlackRiddleRussia <3Switzerland is perfect :)48KateBlackRiddleSwitzerland is perfect :)Love this dog's eyes :)70KateBlackRiddleLove this dog's eyes :)Awesome home :)100KateBlackRiddleAwesome home :)Switzerland I miss you <388KateBlackRiddleSwitzerland I miss you <3New York City pleaso go easy on me tonight110KateBlackRiddleNew York City pleaso go easy on me tonight