1951 puzzels gelabeled bear
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good mom15hlinikgood momBlack Bear63sb1981Black BearDive35LetiBravoDiveUTLEVWA30TJuergUTLEVWAbear12hlinikbearBears on mountain35LetiBravoBears on mountainURSOS36CatgirlURSOShoney bears in the woods15qwertzhoney bears in the woodsWho is going to get it70ksmith375Who is going to get itThe Dukha people of Mongolia believe they have a spiritual conne120diana473The Dukha people of Mongolia believe they have a spiritual connebears6hlinikbearsPolar Bear 01140EmbeePolar Bear 01panda15qwertzpandaBear brothers cake300Bear brothers cakeIMG_20140901_132122120IMG_20140901_132122Bear and Butterflies1961954Bear and ButterfliesPolar-bear-underwater40ghinaPolar-bear-underwaterPanda35jdace99Pandafurry snowballs4qwertzfurry snowballs☺♥ I love you...♥4Celestialflyer☺♥ I love you...♥Grizzly Bear 05130EmbeeGrizzly Bear 05Polar-bear-1300Brownbear777Polar-bear-1mother and son35bonimicmother and sonwhite spirit bear12qwertzwhite spirit bear