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Stichworte zur näheren Kennzeichnung: +animal +color +adorable +natural +teddy +art +colorful +beautiful +polar +wild

Polar Bear Sunset80MamaBear54Polar Bear SunsetTeddy in Window108BennettsMomTeddy in WindowMountain Carpool80MamaBear54Mountain CarpoolPolar Bear50KatKatrinnPolar BearBear Family160AnnelisBear FamilyTeddy Bear Workshop48lindak748Teddy Bear WorkshopThe-bear-and-the-hummingbird-j-w-baker270The-bear-and-the-hummingbird-j-w-bakerAutumn grizzly bear48leoleobobeoAutumn grizzly bearBear126KatKatrinnBear1337382631.blotch ursamajor3001337382631.blotch ursamajorGrizzly32mikhailGrizzly☺♥ Picnic in the woods...15Celestialflyer☺♥ Picnic in the woods...POTW HALLOWEEN FUN TEDDY BEARS15zipnonPOTW HALLOWEEN FUN TEDDY BEARSBear Brown Autumn Forest Foliage Animal owl 3000x2000704catzBear Brown Autumn Forest Foliage Animal owl 3000x2000Shared Refuge - Vicky Mount49leoleobobeoShared Refuge - Vicky MountOurs blancs sur la banquise35catlocOurs blancs sur la banquisePanda and Cub108TinaH65Panda and CubJungle book Mowgli and Baloo80KarindJungle book Mowgli and BalooPuzzel linde konijnen160Puzzel linde konijnenWhite bear frolicking in a lavander field40SnaVeWhite bear frolicking in a lavander fieldOld Bear by Jane Hissey...12715ajan3Old Bear by Jane Hissey...Cool-bear-up-side-down42sweetiesweetCool-bear-up-side-downHudson Bay Polar Bears77MamaBear54Hudson Bay Polar BearsHappy-love-you-day (2)25dankenstyneHappy-love-you-day (2)