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Itch Scratch Yeah Thats The Spot140AmyJoyItch Scratch Yeah Thats The SpotI'm cold!35PANTHERCLAWSI'm cold!red panda cuteness35katie111red panda cutenessPolar bear on ice60leoleobobeoPolar bear on iceBrown bears20mika7Brown bearsFriendship is fragile35heringFriendship is fragileChristmas Stocking with Santa and Polar Bears70GoldGalChristmas Stocking with Santa and Polar Bearsbrown bear99SoutheastAlaskanbrown bearBrown bear family99SoutheastAlaskanBrown bear familyWind continuously sculpts the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore63swreaderWind continuously sculpts the Indiana Dunes National LakeshoreSouth Manitou Island Lighthouse Lake Michigan60swreaderSouth Manitou Island Lighthouse Lake MichiganThe Bear's Den~ drlaird wallpaper 299BronwynThe Bear's Den~ drlaird wallpaper 2A Playful Polar Bear70shaperA Playful Polar BearTeddy Bears Friends32puzzlesr4funTeddy Bears FriendsPolar Bear and Penguins Decorating Christmas Tree60GoldGalPolar Bear and Penguins Decorating Christmas TreeWinter wonderland50bonleepeteWinter wonderland14955850_10157742189675581_7187625939133023410_n81Ciupercuta14955850_10157742189675581_7187625939133023410_nThe Snow Queen by Lynn Bywaters...48715ajan3The Snow Queen by Lynn Bywaters...Lets talk110barbvanbenLets talkWinnie the Pooh204VIXENWinnie the PoohSanta Claus28bubusSanta Clauschristmas eve32bubuschristmas eveHey come play45Kaycee55Hey come playWinged Bear45Kaycee55Winged Bear