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P101018730doctorP1010187P101018948doctorP1010189Polar bear300Polar bearPolar play time94catzPolar play timePolar-bear-animal77lovellPolar-bear-animalBears Polar bears Two 47155032rodetBears Polar bears Two 47155012615659_892494254201219_481814368408276111_o24012615659_892494254201219_481814368408276111_oSnow polar bears150Cat120Snow polar bearsPolar Bear35RobinBPolar BearPolar Bears35RobinBPolar Bears^ Will Bullas ~ Cool Yule35300zx^ Will Bullas ~ Cool YuleMother Polar Bear, Cub, Snow24tazzMother Polar Bear, Cub, Snow#Hi Anybody Home?30Kaboomer#Hi Anybody Home?Polar bear 5931-L300Polar bear 5931-L^ Just checking it out35300zx^ Just checking it out^ Will Bullas ~ Northern Lights36300zx^ Will Bullas ~ Northern LightsPolarBearElf2721954PolarBearElfPolar Bear and 2 cubs35Kaycee55Polar Bear and 2 cubsJason Savage Photography Brawling Bears108dankenstyneJason Savage Photography Brawling Bearspolar bears300slouisewpolar bearsPolar bears110davisyvPolar bearsPolar bears108davisyvPolar bearsPolar bears6SummerSolsticePolar bearsA Polar Bear plunging108TinaH65A Polar Bear plunging