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Poza6PozaRelax among the flowers24mika7Relax among the flowersPolar Bear reflection35Kaycee55Polar Bear reflectionpolar bear36Zortapolar bearpolar lobes36Zortapolar lobespolar lobes35Zortapolar lobesPolar Bear Losing Home Ice90seekscardinalPolar Bear Losing Home Icepolar bears108hadar29polar bearsPolar Bears24Cookie303Polar BearsOh, Now I'm Embarrassed12dankenstyneOh, Now I'm EmbarrassedPolar-Bears-Tundra-Lodge-7-bear-cubs28FESmah0Polar-Bears-Tundra-Lodge-7-bear-cubs^ Polar Bear Cub12300zx^ Polar Bear Cub733fe7e739cc2aa343f4d2c80d230bcf108laurae62733fe7e739cc2aa343f4d2c80d230bcfPolar Bear Mom and Cub70GoldGalPolar Bear Mom and CubPolar Bears20Cookie303Polar BearsPolar-animal-cookies-title168Polar-animal-cookies-titleMom Polar bear and her two yearlings...48FreddijMom Polar bear and her two yearlings...Mom Polar bear with her two playful cubs....48FreddijMom Polar bear with her two playful cubs....Bears 1300KaraMelekBears 1Swimming with Polar Bears45thejacobwallerSwimming with Polar BearsPolar Bear Christmas Cake16TigerjagPolar Bear Christmas CakePolar bear on small ice floe....54FreddijPolar bear on small ice floe....Itch Scratch Yeah Thats The Spot140AmyJoyItch Scratch Yeah Thats The SpotChristmas Stocking with Santa and Polar Bears70GoldGalChristmas Stocking with Santa and Polar Bears