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Grizzly Bear blanket, Sue Coccia252bardunGrizzly Bear blanket, Sue CocciaParkes, Michael Blowing Bubbles108docrabbitsParkes, Michael Blowing BubblesTired Of Swimming15dankenstyneTired Of SwimmingTOWEL TEDDIES20zipnonTOWEL TEDDIESJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelm300dankenstyneJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelm^ Knitted teddy bears24300zx^ Knitted teddy bearspolar bears12ardenapolar bearsWandering Bear Cub20Cookie303Wandering Bear CubLove12AbuelitoLoveKnitted Teddy Bears40jppffKnitted Teddy BearsReady For Sleep35dankenstyneReady For SleepGummy Bear Group300Tigressa101Gummy Bear GroupGummy Bears15CreeperTrophyGummy BearsColorful Candy42trulyColorful CandySweet little Panda4NonnaSweet little Pandabrrrr!12ardenabrrrr!Alaska brown bears fishing12ardenaAlaska brown bears fishingGummi-bears198georgiabyrdGummi-bearsHappy Puzzle Mess20KaboomerHappy Puzzle MessOh, Now I'm Embarrassed12dankenstyneOh, Now I'm EmbarrassedGerman glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantart300German glass and teddy, by melsofmaui at deviantartCHILDRENS PUZZLE...A Beary Merry Christmas5149_90012TrishaLeeCHILDRENS PUZZLE...A Beary Merry Christmas5149_900^ Cake pops36300zx^ Cake pops2 new teddy's by Gladys300anitawittlinger2 new teddy's by Gladys