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Painted Bear35bluetrufflePainted BearTeddy bear6RiverPlateTeddy bearColorful-teddy-bear-toy9desert1979Colorful-teddy-bear-toyTired Of Swimming15dankenstyneTired Of SwimmingJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelm300dankenstyneJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelm^ Knitted teddy bears24300zx^ Knitted teddy bearspolar bears12ardenapolar bearsLove12AbuelitoLoveReady For Sleep35dankenstyneReady For SleepGummy Bears15CreeperTrophyGummy BearsColorful Candy42trulyColorful CandySweet little Panda4NonnaSweet little Pandabrrrr!12ardenabrrrr!Alaska brown bears fishing12ardenaAlaska brown bears fishingGummi-bears198georgiabyrdGummi-bearsHappy Puzzle Mess20KaboomerHappy Puzzle MessOh, Now I'm Embarrassed12dankenstyneOh, Now I'm Embarrassed^ Cake pops36300zx^ Cake popsBlue bear300ikicaBlue bearBeautiful Autumn Girl W/Her Teddy Bear24dankenstyneBeautiful Autumn Girl W/Her Teddy BearSylvainCordierPolarBears135gelsominaSylvainCordierPolarBears1☺♥ Lovely family...♥12Celestialflyer☺♥ Lovely family...♥#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?49Kaboomer#Can a Teddy Bear Really Ever Be Too Big?#I Want to Be Home with You12Kaboomer#I Want to Be Home with You