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White-polar-bear-with-cubs15hlinikWhite-polar-bear-with-cubsThe bear family9hlinikThe bear familyPolar bear24normaloisPolar bearJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelm300dankenstyneJust Two Trophy Hunters-John Wilhelmpolar bears12ardenapolar bearsA Kiss For A Fish32dankenstyneA Kiss For A FishAlmost Have It35dankenstyneAlmost Have ItLove You Buddy35dankenstyneLove You BuddyTeddy Bear Boys Two Book24dankenstyneTeddy Bear Boys Two BookKing of the Arctic - The Polar Bear,beautiful and deadly........56FreddijKing of the Arctic - The Polar Bear,beautiful and deadly........Ready For Sleep35dankenstyneReady For Sleepbear in the forest24qwertzbear in the forestbig grizzly bear12qwertzbig grizzly bearBärchenpicknick48KUKKIBärchenpicknickBärchen49KUKKIBärchenyou don't smell like a bear15qwertzyou don't smell like a bearbrrrr!12ardenabrrrr!Red panda35VenerdinaRed pandaAlaska brown bears fishing12ardenaAlaska brown bears fishingteddy bear on the grass15qwertzteddy bear on the grassBear and ace-motocross15hlinikBear and ace-motocrossOh, Now I'm Embarrassed12dankenstyneOh, Now I'm Embarrassedlost in dreams15qwertzlost in dreamssweet dreams12qwertzsweet dreams