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BrownBear180artificialunicornBrownBearPandas Bears Tree Stump Animals12dankenstynePandas Bears Tree Stump AnimalsBEAR20Madu65BEARDa boss24smjmDa bossIt's cold out here30smjmIt's cold out hereToo beautiful to be a bear12smjmToo beautiful to be a bearHug me16smjmHug meAn Autumn walk12smjmAn Autumn walkLovely duo12smjmLovely duoElegant Teddy Bear20Elegant Teddy BearPretty in pink6HazyPretty in pinkteddy bear and flower basket15qwertzteddy bear and flower basketRed Panda12dankenstyneRed PandaWhite bears12ardenaWhite bearsBlack bear12ardenaBlack bearbear with babies12ardenabear with babiesblack bear12ardenablack bearFlorida,USA-black bear15ardenaFlorida,USA-black bearrelaxation...12ardenarelaxation...bears6qwertzbears31st Birthday 'hey mine too'35dankenstyne31st Birthday 'hey mine too'relaxation...8ardenarelaxation...Just Relax (5)48PattyOliveiraJust Relax (5)bear & babies bear8ardenabear & babies bear