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Koala bear sleeping in a tree35DingwallKoala bear sleeping in a tree5-48-768x51712Sayutska5-48-768x517Brown Bears12SayutskaBrown BearsBrown Bears12SayutskaBrown BearsPolar Bears15SayutskaPolar BearsPolar Bears28SayutskaPolar BearsHug Me63SayutskaHug MeAutumn- Bears in River48LavenderRoseAutumn- Bears in RiverLove You Mom!15qwertzLove You Mom!By Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)40SayutskaBy Lyubov Gorelova(LaKosta)Kagamine Len by Hekicha120SayutskaKagamine Len by HekichaTeddy for a pony orphan20puzzlesr4funTeddy for a pony orphanFur Persons [by LMH]48moxieFur Persons [by LMH]Slowly Creeping towards Camp60Valjeane1949Slowly Creeping towards CampDoin' the Wave60Valjeane1949Doin' the WavePolar bear88nobody0Polar bearfour teddies15qwertzfour teddiesteddy bear in a box15qwertzteddy bear in a boxhello12CiupercutahelloBrown Bears96SayutskaBrown BearsPanda Bear48SayutskaPanda BearGrizzly bear posing24puzzlesr4funGrizzly bear posingTOWEL TEDDIES20zipnonTOWEL TEDDIEShello36Ciupercutahello