903 puzzles tagged beads
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Strings of beads30bodhi4meStrings of beadsElegant Christmas72sfranguElegant ChristmasGiant Purple Poppy with Beads300jppffGiant Purple Poppy with BeadsWords, Words, Words300jppffWords, Words, WordsAqua and White Oak Leaf Detail300jppffAqua and White Oak Leaf DetailCircles of Black300jppffCircles of Black12-Inch Block289jppff12-Inch BlockLollipop Garden Two300jppffLollipop Garden TwoAsymmetrical Green Circle Detail300jppffAsymmetrical Green Circle DetailPurple Opulence with Buttons300jppffPurple Opulence with ButtonsBeaded Fan300jppffBeaded FanIt's All in the Lines Three300jppffIt's All in the Lines ThreeBorders and Boxes300jppffBorders and BoxesPortal with Buttons Two300jppffPortal with Buttons TwoClouds and Ribbons with Buttons Added300jppffClouds and Ribbons with Buttons AddedStarburst Quilt289jppffStarburst QuiltDeck Quilt299jppffDeck QuiltMedicine Area300jppffMedicine AreaBeaded and Sequinned Fabric300jppffBeaded and Sequinned FabricCircles of Black Four300jppffCircles of Black FourBeaded Purple Dot Fabric300jppffBeaded Purple Dot FabricQuilt with Stripes and Fleurs300jppffQuilt with Stripes and FleursGraffiti300jppffGraffitiSleepy Owl Quilt289jppffSleepy Owl Quilt