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Seed Beads36DanaMarieSeed BeadsArt Quilt Detail (created by Nancy Smeltzer)195AnnikeArt Quilt Detail (created by Nancy Smeltzer)colorful beads12ardenacolorful beadsKazuri-beads300Kazuri-beadsIn the Silvery Depths (detail) (quilt by Nancy Smeltzer)300AnnikeIn the Silvery Depths (detail) (quilt by Nancy Smeltzer)Buttons and Beads20Cookie303Buttons and BeadsBeady thingy20patijewlBeady thingyGraffiti (detail) (quilt created by Nancy Smeltzer)192AnnikeGraffiti (detail) (quilt created by Nancy Smeltzer)Medicine Area (detail) (quilt by Nancy Smeltzer)195AnnikeMedicine Area (detail) (quilt by Nancy Smeltzer)beaded bracelet150mamashabeaded braceletbeaded bracelet150mamashabeaded braceletbeaded bracelet144mamashabeaded braceletSparkle beads35JeneyeSparkle beadsWooden beads90JeneyeWooden beadsCelestial Lifelines (detail) (created by Nancy Smeltzer)192AnnikeCelestial Lifelines (detail) (created by Nancy Smeltzer)Beautiful Egg Art20Cookie303Beautiful Egg ArtPlastic beads198georgiabyrdPlastic beadscolorful beads12ardenacolorful beadsbeaded bracelet144mamashabeaded braceletbeadwork150mamashabeadworkCircles of Black, Circles of White (detail) (by Nancy Smeltzer)180AnnikeCircles of Black, Circles of White (detail) (by Nancy Smeltzer)Buttterfly Detail from Quilt by Nancy Smeltzer192AnnikeButtterfly Detail from Quilt by Nancy SmeltzerDetail from quilt by Nancy Smeltzer180AnnikeDetail from quilt by Nancy Smeltzerbeads150dianasplacebeads